Reliable Anniversary

Reliable Production maintains a well-rounded fleet of mobile rigs with capabilities to handle a wide-range of jobs covering everything from completion and maintenance work to injection well jobs, and plugging and abandonment projects. Whether for hoisting, swabbing, rotating or circulating, Reliable Production’s rigs have the reputation of being the best and most up-to-date, as well as the best maintained. To prevent down time, we have a full time staff of specially trained mechanics whose sole function is to keep our rigs operating in their peak condition at all times.
Our rigs are also known for a superior selection of support equipment.
Reliable Production’s rigs can be counted on to have the right auxiliary tools for each specific job. To further assure against delays, spare equipment is available and kept on standby in the event it is needed.

From the humble beginnings of a skid mounted single pump, batch mix cement unit utilizing sack cement, RPS Cementing has grown to a dependable cement and pumping service company across Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. We offer a wide variety of cementing and pumping services to our clients on both land and inland water locations.

Our best-kept secret is the dedication and spirit of our employees.

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